Reverse / Forensic Engineering

Forensic and Reverse Naval Engineering

For private or public uses, for the approval of studies by the maritime authorities or whatever other, to help solving disputes privately or in court, etc,  we do all kinds of surveys and reverse / forensic engineering studies, be them for a new design/modification or to settle the technical causes of an accident, failure or malfunction of any kind of ship, vessel or marine craft, or its components.

To accurately reflect the shape and spatial configuration of the objects under investigation, we perform, if necessary, a laser scanning or digital phogrametry to get an accurate visual reproduction of the object, which then may be used both in three or two dimension representations and drawings.

Down here an example of the scanning of a 13 meters long pleasure craft to get the 3D file from where to get whatever sections of the hull.




And down here a 2D representation of a digital image from an old “Dorna”, a typical Galician traditional fishing boat.